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Why Health Insurance?

Per the Health Insurance Law ( Rev. 2013)


Every Resident in the Cayman Islands shall effect a minimum of a standard health insurance contract in respect of himself and his dependants.


Exemptions to acquiring and maintaining a Health Insurance Plan include:


(A) A Person covered by a contract of insurance effected by an employer; or

(B) A Person covered by a contract of insurance effected by the CI Government, or where the CI Government does not effect such a contract, medical services are provided to him by the CI Government in accordance with the Personnel Regulations (2013 Revision); or

(c) an uninsurable person.


Health Insurance is important to have because of the following advantages:

  • It protects the subscriber from the full cost of healthcare in a medical interaction or major medical episode.
  • It also ensures that you will have access to healthcare when you are sick or injured.
  • It will protect your financial assets, as you will not have to bear the full cost.
  • It will promote your personal wellness and health.
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