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Strategic Plan

Commissioning of the Strategic Plan


The Strategic Plan was commissioned by the Board in August 2012. As part of the process to create the Strategic Plan, a Consultant was engaged to act as facilitator and provide the first draft of the Strategic Plan. This resolution by the Board to produce a Strategic Plan was in accordance with recommendations contained in the Report by the Office of the Auditor General dated May 2012.


The consultancy contract provided for the Consultant to “gather information, by discussion and data provided from the CEO, the Board and any other parties as directed by the CEO and the Board, and to summarize this information by preparation of a Strategic Plan for CINICO”. 


The Board also resolved, at its August 2012 Board meeting, that a “Staff Benefits Sub-committee” should be formed to conduct a review of staff benefits. This component  (CINICO aspiring to be an employer of “choice”) is referenced as part of this Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

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